Asheville School’s academic experience will challenge you, will teach you the fundamentals of good writing, critical reading and analytical thinking. It will build a strong foundation of excellence you’ll appreciate for a lifetime - long after you’ve finished college.

Our curriculum stresses knowledge of key subjects that colleges look for and that are important for you to know - Humanities (English, history, art history, music), mathematics, science, foreign language, and the arts. You’ll learn in small classes that emphasize collaboration and independent thinking.

You’ll gain knowledge of events that have shaped today’s world and immerse yourself in important works of Western and non – Western literature. You’ll get a firm grounding in math and science, which are essential disciplines for life in an increasingly technological, data-driven, and scientific society. You’ll become proficient in a foreign language and build an understanding of other cultures.

By studying the school’s unique integrated Humanities curriculum, you’ll learn to appreciate the arts and gain insight into the role art plays in interpreting and shaping culture. Because every subject stresses strong communication skills, you’ll learn to listen closely and to express your own thoughts clearly and confidently when you speak and write.

Our curriculum includes a Senior Demonstration for our 12th grade students in which you’ll write a series of papers on the subject you’ve selected. During the final stage of the “Demo,” you’ll defend your topic before a panel of faculty members. The project promotes the kind of original thinking you’re not likely to encounter until graduate school.

During your Chapel Talk — a senior-year rite of passage — you’ll stand before the whole school and talk about an idea, belief, or experience of special significance to you, of course, but, more importantly, of interest to the entire community.

Our goal is to help you attend the college best suited to your interests and talents. Each year, Asheville School grads go on to flourish at many of the nation’s finest colleges and universities such as Vanderbilt, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Dartmouth, Boston University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and many others.

Our Students Are College Ready

We offer a rigorous college preparatory program. Many of our graduates are accepted to the most prestigious schools in the country. In fact, the majority of our recent graduates are attending colleges and universities Barron’s rates as “highly selective” and “most selective.”

Year after year, our students out perform many other top independent schools on the College Work & Readiness Assessment.