Asheville School’s greatest legacy is its alumni.

The lessons learned and bonds formed while they were students are ones they carry with them for a lifetime.

In honor of these lessons, generations of alumni demonstrate their support and stewardship of their beloved school in many ways.

They give to its annual and capital funds, serve on the Alumni Association or as a part of the Parent/Alumni Admission Network, or work as a volunteer. And they send their children and their children’s children to the same institution that provided them with such a good start.

"My entire life would be different if I hadn’t attended Asheville School. As a result of going to Asheville School, I ended up working in education and in private schools. I met my husband while we were both working at Asheville School. It does change your trajectory, who you know and where your connections are."

Erin Baldecchi, Class of 1989,
Lexington, Kentucky