School Life

Students arrive at Asheville School from diverse ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, and they bring with them a broad range of experiences, interests and talents.

Those rich differences come together at Asheville School and form the foundation of a caring and understanding community where students from all over the world live and learn, side by side, for four years.

With an annual enrollment of approximately 295 students, Asheville School is an intentionally small community. Students and faculty members know one another personally and call each other by name.

Over three-quarters of our students are boarders and reside in one of three residential halls: Anderson Hall, Lawrence Hall or Kehaya House. Every student learns responsibility to oneself and respect for others, and develop bonds with friends that will last a lifetime. Never far away are dorm parents, students leaders and other faculty members ready to celebrate a student's success, give advice, counsel or just listen.

Student Activities

We value academics at Asheville School, but we also value fun. Our Student Activities Director schedules plenty of entertainment during student downtime. On-campus pursuits include barbecues, athletic tournaments, game nights, movies, school dances and more. Students also take in concerts, plays and other art events, movies and sporting events in Asheville.

Here's the best thing: except for personal spending money, student tuition covers the costs for all school-sponsored activities.