Boarding Life

Eighty percent of students are boarding students at Asheville School, which creates an immersive experience in which students learn and grow alongside their peers, teachers and mentors even after the academic day ends.

Thirty percent of our students are considered multicultural; our community is truly diverse in background and committed to academic and personal excellence.

Boarding students live in one of three residential halls: Lawrence Hall, Anderson Hall, or Kehaya House. Each has hall parents--faculty members who are nearby and available to give advice, counsel, celebrate successes, and help students with anything they need while living on campus.

A Day in the Life

Join Nicole Alleyne 2019 and Luke Mitchell 2019 on a typical day at Asheville School.
"Boarding is like a really weird social experiment gone amazingly right. You get to know people really well. You get to meet people you never would have met before."